You got your sci-fi in my comic book. You got your comic book in my sci-fi!

I remember on the weekends my parents wanted to get out of the small town we lived in. It was almost the tiniest town in Mississippi. Most times we would head north to Memphis, Tennessee, but just as often we would wind south east to Oxford, Mississippi.

We would park somewhere close to the town square, and go to various shops. We'd always wind up at the used book store. My parents loved to read, and they passed it along to their kids.

I would wander to my favorite section: science-fiction, fantasy. This was long before "Sci-Fi", "syfy", and the other cutesy trademarked names for it. I'd look for anything I hadn't seen before. Often flipping through the same books, wondering if I should pick them up this time. There was never a large selection, compared to "fiction", "mystery", or "romance", but down there on the lower shelves I saw it for the first time: "Green Lantern".

A comic book in the science-fiction section? Don't get me wrong. I love comics. I've been reading them for as long as I can remember, but to me, they were either costumed super-heroes like Batman or Spider-man (my favorites), or war comics which my older brother collected and drew. This was a small digest edition of his "Secret Origin", and I can still picture it on a small shelf under a dusty window.

This was a costumed super-hero with an all powerful glowing ring, flying through space, and battling uncountable foes on the cover of every issue. He didn't protect one city or even just the Earth. He was responsible for an entire sector of space with many planets and solar systems. This was a science-fiction comic book, and I was hooked!!!

Where did you stubble upon your favorite comics for the first time? Leave a comment below.